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RZR Pro R & Turbo R Front Lower Shock Spring Retainer Cups

RZR Pro R & Turbo R Front Lower Shock Spring Retainer Cups

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Pro R and Turbo R Shock Cups

Bombing through the backcountry or launching the dunes abuses your suspension with every landing and hit you take. These forces are all directed through the shock fork, making it a critical point in energy transfer. Unfortunately, the stock shock forks are not always up to the job, especially when you’re pushing the limits, and failures are a known issue. Don’t worry; KCB has your back with upgraded billet shock forks and retainer cups that keep you on the trail and off the trailer.

KCB shock cups help eliminate a common Polaris ProR and Turbo R shock retainer cups have been redesigned and are machined from 6061 billet aluminum for additional strength over the stock design, dramatically improving the robustness of your front suspension.

KCB Offroad's Front Lower Shock Forks & Shock Retainer Cups for Polaris RZR Pro R & RZR Turbo R fix the most critical and ride-ruining problems of the stock forks. We have reinforced the arch on the forks substantially, giving these forks maximum load-bearing endurance. We have also added material all the way around the prong contour, giving our forks the most strength-for-dollar value

We have also reinforced the cups, dramatically improving on the stock part. These come weather-resistant anodized in red, blue or black.

Each piece is precision machined from 7075 (forks) or 6061 (cups) aircraft grade aluminum, giving it improved strength and higher strength-to-weight compared to the stock parts. This product takes advantage of these technologies to give you the best value you can buy.

Ready to hit the road hard? Then your Polaris RZR needs KCB Offroad's Lower Shock Forks and Retainer Cups for the endurance, strength and longevity KCB tech provides. 


  • Direct Bolt-On Suspension Upgrade
  • 6061 Billet Aluminum Cups
  • Multiple Anodized Finish Colors Available
  • Improved Strength and Reduced Weight
  • No Loss of Suspension Travel or Shock Stroke
  • Engineered and Manufactured in the USA


KCB Shock Forks and Cups are bolt-on upgrades that are installed with simple tools and without any modifications to your rig.


KCB Shock Forks and Cups are manufactured in the USA from premium aluminum alloys using advanced machining processes and proven design principles. Each part we make has been tested for fit and performance, so you can trust them to deliver when you need them most.


  • Polaris RZR Pro R
  • Polaris RZR Turbo R

Pre-Installed and Included Hardware

  • Qty 2 Front Lower Shock Spring Retainer Cups 
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