Collection: Radius Rods

KCB High Clearance Radius Arms upgrade your stock suspension so you won’t think twice about keeping the hammer down through the rough stuff. KCB High-Clearance Radius Arms are made from 6160 or 7075 billet aluminum for maximum strength without added weight and finish anodized in a wide range of colors that match any style. Ultra-tough FK uniball and Heim joints combine with added strength and camber adjustability to get your set-up dialed in just right.

KCB’s high-offset contour design provides extra ground clearance to get over any rocks or stumps that get in your way. This design raises the rear suspension clearance to match the front, resulting in a smoother ride with fewer hang-ups in the rear. Consistent clearance helps in rough terrain; if the front clears, so will the back, making obstacle navigation easier without worrying about bottoming out.