Collection: Sway Bar Links

KCB Anti-Sway Bar Links improve your rig's handling and steering responsiveness by reducing body roll and keeping the sway bar locked in while banging through the corners or tackling the whoops. The stock sway bar links are not designed to handle prolonged abuse and can get bent or broken, tanking your suspension performance. KCB sway bar links are a beefy upgrade to the stock parts, adding strength and reliability where you need it.

KCB Anti-Sway Bar Links are heavy-duty without heavy weight and finish anodized in a wide range of colors that match any rig. These direct replacement sway bar links are precision machined from 6061 billet aluminum that provides excellent strength without added weight. KCB makes it easy with all-new mounting hardware and FK uniball bearings pre-installed so you can bolt them up and hit the trail.


-           Direct Bolt-On Suspension Upgrade

-           Front and Rear Links Available

-           Machined 6061 Billet Aluminum Construction

-           Multiple Anodized Finish Colors Available

-           FK Uniball Bearings Installed

-           Engineered and Manufactured in the USA